We at baldporngirls.com decide to present lewd sluts who are ready to do EVERYTHING to be posted on a professional porn site and start they model career or just earn money easily. We do not spare these kinds of sluts. They have to drop clothes, show all part of their bodies . We cut they hair or shave they head to smooth bald! Yes we cut or shave all of the hair of the bitches so they have to tell it to daddy and mommy no chance to deny. These kinky sluts do anything happily because they really think they will the new porn stars, the new queen of porn. But we know they are just stupid deviant whores, everyone's sluts.

Siren's profile

model name:

Austin, Texas



about me:
A bit of a little girl and a bit of an old lady. I would like to be as lucky as August.

why i am here:
Why not?

taking things apart, making stuff, and pretty much anything involving food

Potatoes, shrimp, Irish cream coffee...


sexual orientation:

sexual fantasy:
A whole bunch of girls abduct a guy and tie him down to tease and just totally fuck with. But he totally won't get any. Bitches.

may 29

To be the person who pre-wears all the holes in those $80 jeans.

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Siren's sets

Siren's set:

Envy girlfriend

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Siren is August Moneylover's girlfriend. August is one of our kinky models who is shaving her head frequently (since we shaved her head first time) because she realized more men want to fuck her since she is bald. Our new model the ordinary slut Siren become jealous and envious of August's success. I think Siren didn't get enough cock and sperm since April gulps all of them. So Siren has decided to follow August and will bald too. And at this stage her aim and our plans meet.
Siren did not arrive alone August also came with her because August wanted to see the headshave action and (if it is possible) she would like to shave her girlfriend's head. August and Siren kinkily enjoyed the headshave both of them was sexually excited so they presented some hot lesbian action, touched each other pussy and tits and kissed each other mouth, bald head and tits.

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