We at baldporngirls.com decide to present lewd sluts who are ready to do EVERYTHING to be posted on a professional porn site and start they model career or just earn money easily. We do not spare these kinds of sluts. They have to drop clothes, show all part of their bodies . We cut they hair or shave they head to smooth bald! Yes we cut or shave all of the hair of the bitches so they have to tell it to daddy and mommy no chance to deny. These kinky sluts do anything happily because they really think they will the new porn stars, the new queen of porn. But we know they are just stupid deviant whores, everyone's sluts.

Galas Diamond's profile

model name:
Galas Diamond

Hometown, Florida


Professional Ex

about me:
I'm a little bit crazy. I have a thirst for life that never seems to be satisfied. I'm broken but I'm still beautiful. I'm a caffeine addict.

why i am here:
I'm a camera whore.

reflecting, modeling, laughing, petting

All of it! Can they make an Ipod that big just for me? That would be spiffy.

I fell in love with Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dali, Lichenstein, Escher

Sushi and Ramen (real ramen!)

Cheated in relationship

sexual orientation:
Straight and slave

sexual fantasy:
To be whore, pet, object ... humiliated meat hole.

oct 14

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Galas Diamond's sets

Galas Diamond's set:

No longer proud

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Galas DiamondGalas DiamondGalas DiamondGalas Diamond
Galas DiamondGalas DiamondGalas DiamondGalas Diamond
F.P. sent us his first fetish movie.
Galas Diamond the proud, blonde, volunteer bitch gave herself to Mr Hat who hardly trespass with this chance. And this is the point when our volunteer's best dream goes to nightmare. Galas willy-nilly lost her blonde hair and became a humiliated bald bitch who posing with gag and put vibrator into her pussy.

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