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Gabriela Zelenka's profile

model name:
Gabriela Zelenka

East Slovakia, near the Polish border.


I'm not over qualified. I stoped learning when I finished the 8th class in the elementary school. I'm unemployed.

about me:
I'm living with my family in a boring vilage. I own a cat his name is Matador. I lost my virginity when I was 20. I know it is too late but I was a shy girl.

why i am here:
I'm an exhibicionist slut so I want show myself. That is why I'm here...And I need money of course.

sex, music, dance, party

red hot chili..., cranberries, tublatanka, metalinda


I do not like.

spicy things in kfc


sexual orientation:
everything everywhere

sexual fantasy:
fetish, to be a slave, 5men at once


spending my time well

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Gabriela Zelenka's sets

Gabriela Zelenka's set:

My secret slutty desires

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Gabriela ZelenkaGabriela ZelenkaGabriela ZelenkaGabriela Zelenka
Gabriela arrived from East Slovakia. She had two secret desires both of them match with our plan.
Her first desire: To be a slave of a master
Second desire: Lot of unknown man is watching when she sucks a cock. She wants to show to everybody what a big slut she is.
Anyway she was a really good slave. We can do anything what we want to do.
However it was not an easy job for her. She almost cried when we cut and shave her long wavy hair. She cannot suck with deep throat but she tried to do it again and again steadfastly. Finally we share her new desire with you: She hopes many man will identify her at her home area and want to fuck her. Good slut.

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