We at baldporngirls.com decide to present lewd sluts who are ready to do EVERYTHING to be posted on a professional porn site and start they model career or just earn money easily. We do not spare these kinds of sluts. They have to drop clothes, show all part of their bodies . We cut they hair or shave they head to smooth bald! Yes we cut or shave all of the hair of the bitches so they have to tell it to daddy and mommy no chance to deny. These kinky sluts do anything happily because they really think they will the new porn stars, the new queen of porn. But we know they are just stupid deviant whores, everyone's sluts.

Kristina Kovac's profile

model name:
Kristina Kovac

Between the lovely hills of Slovenia


Misfortune librarian

about me:
I'm afraid I will die before I would really live.

why i am here:
I try to be lax and lucky

reading books. and maybe I will write them later

Depeche Mode, DJ Uros Umek

I prefer books

Martin Van Maele,Patrick Nagel,Helmut Newton

fish and goat


sexual orientation:

sexual fantasy:
oral and bondage

i'm over 25, so please do not ask it


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Kristina Kovac's sets

Kristina Kovac's set:

Cum on her shaved head

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Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
Kristina KovacKristina Kovac
This is the 3rd and final part of the pregnant slut's (Kristina) videos. The lucky guy (Lazarus) whose cock was sucked by the slut is one of the fan of this site and he wrote me more then 25 emails in the last 5 years. He really wanted to shave a slut's head and then face-fuck her. So finally I organized the challenge for him. In this video the guy shaved the head of our well-known stupid slut to full smooth bald. The slut was very thankful and suck her cock with very stupid expressions on her face. I can tell you the truth I have not seen more stupid cock-sucker-face yet. Check and enjoy it.

Kristina Kovac's set:

A bitch has to work hard

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Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
Kristina KovacKristina Kovac
Today Kirstina learned that there is no free money and the stupid bitches have to work really hard. In one hour she had to sucked with deep throat, licked ass hole then her throat was fucked and her cunt was fucked too. One of my favourite is when her face was dark red, her veins stood out on her head, her spittle came out from her mouth but she just pushed her face to the cock up to the hilt.

Kristina Kovac's set:

Bald headed pregnant slut

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Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
The most stupid type of bitch lets herself fuck by a man who throw her out as soon as inseminated her. Kristina is this type of small brained pram donkeys. This accident has a good consequence: we take her in hand again. And this time we humiliate her more then ever. We shaved her hair to funny style with two pigtalis and short bangs. Then we fucked her throat hard. This woeful bitch pushes the dick to her throat until her head becomes red she cannot breath and starts retching but she keeps on going and does not want to give up. My favourite moment is when I fuck her mouth and clipper shave her funny pigtails.
This bitch is very lucky if the porn industry found her because she can buy the parm and the diapers now.

Kristina Kovac's set:

Stupid bald bitch

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Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
It is a stupid girl's come back. Kristina spent all the money she earned before and she also spent the money she will earn this time. It was not a big surprise for me because I'm aware of her brain capacity. The job she had to do this time was more harder then the previous one. She have had only shaved nape before but this time I shaved her head completely smooth bald. And she had to suck my cock too. I was very angry with her because when I fucked her throat she wasn't enthuse and willing therefore I gave her some big slaps to teach what she has to do. However my english are not fluent finally I taught an important english sentence to her. I'm not sure if this 'Nobel prize candidate' bitch memorized the sentences more then 2 minutes :)

Kristina Kovac's set:

Nape shave and pet-girl training

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Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
Kristina KovacKristina KovacKristina KovacKristina Kovac
Kristina sent us an e-mail some week ago if she needs the porn model job we offer. 'I will earn money easily.' it was her plan but all of us know 'plan never meets the reality'. She had to work hard for her money.
First of all we cut new hairstyle for her. We highly shaved the nape than we cut the rest of the hair to ears length bob so she cannot hide the shaved part and this is a very challenging point for a girl who had long hair in all her life before.
The dog training also was not easy but intense and humiliating. It hurts her soul, even though she was very responsive and devoted. She was walking like a dog, wearing the chain leash, learning to bark, eating and drinking from a dog dish. Like a good pet-girl she was sucking a bone and a sausage and she was walking proudly around the room with a sausage in her cunt.

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