8 comments on “Shadowplayers – please write comment if you’ve watched the video

  1. ilprincipino9 on said:

    I’ve watched the video and still got it downloaded. There was another video which was the bald blowjob. Both amazing. I hope the producer brings her back for more videos, ones where we can see some grow out or still shaved.

  2. hamed20 on said:

    I cant find this video
    could you please give me a link?
    what is her name?

  3. Josehokage on said:

    It is incredible! I would like to see more similar videos. The girl is beautiful

  4. ilprincipino9 on said:

    You would need a subscription from the Shadowplayers.com website in order to see the videos. I can try share the downloaded files I have but not sure how to do that… Also the website has other headshave videos too. The model’s name is Lily – unfortunately to find other videos of her is impossible especially with such a common name

  5. hamed20 on said:

    please share it

  6. ExtremeHaircutExtremeHaircut on said:

    If you share it then please NOT here in my blog. I do not want to be a partner in stealing.

    That shadowplayers guy paid a lot to the girl for the headshave video, he deserves to buy the video legally to get his money back. I’m sure if he get his money back he will publish new video.


  7. ilprincipino9 on said:

    Apologies, I will not be posting the video or sharing it. You’re right, the Shadowplayers guy pays a lot of money and should be paid in return as well I suppose.

  8. Johnny96 on said:

    Hi. What is the purchase link?
    I couldn’t find it on clip4sale or hotmovies.com
    If anyone has watched, please tell that how we can watch it.

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