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How Shaving My Head Changed My Life

“I was walking aimlessly down a supermarket isle, pushing my empty cart and thinking about how I should get my roots dyed and my ends cut. I was also kind of in the mood for a look change, so I got lost in my own mind, thinking about the endless possibilities. You know – the usual painstaking process of choosing a new hairstyle.

Then this random thought somehow popped into my head: if I could just cut all of my hair off, I would do my grocery shopping in peace. I would also save a lot of time getting ready for a night out, and probably save tons of money on haircare products.

Suddenly it hit me. Who said I couldn’t chop all my hair off? The rush of excitement that followed that thought made me abandon my cart and almost run home to tell my husband that I wanted to shave my head!”

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My Abusive Ex Used My Hair to Control Me, So I Shaved it All Off

A lot of people asked if I was sick or mentally ill and others assumed I’d done it for charity. Nobody except my boyfriend seemed to consider that maybe I just needed the change and that maybe I like it this short. My response to this question is usually a casual, oh, I wanted to get rid of the years of red hair dye and I figured shaving my head was the quickest and least damaging way to do it. But honestly? That’s not the truth.

There were a lot of reasons leading up to my decision, but one of the main reasons was that I’d been in an abusive relationship where my hair was one of the first things my ex controlled about me.

Honestly, I love it. I have loved having a buzz cut and I would love to do it again. Having no hair has made me feel free — free from hair products and hair dryers, free from having to care for masses and masses of hair that would tangle and had to be tied up whenever I ate, and free from being expected to have long hair in order to fit this ideal of feminine beauty.

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